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Implementation of plastic and metal products for production

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    For temperature distribution analysis we use
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... Adequately conducted process of implementing the products eliminates the risks, ensures great savings and enables quickly calculating the profits ...


... The road from the idea to the implementation is winding, however a good idea is always the basis for success ...


... only the professionalism of the people and their profit-drive enables success in the performing of actions, which lead to implementing new products into production ....

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Blueprint of goods implementation into production by experteam.

Product management

  • Defining purpose of the product
  • Determining functionality and shape of the product
  • Selecting the technology for manufacturing
  • Preparing initial design
  • Discussing risks with both Customer and Suppliers
Product management

Discussing the product

  • Creating an implementation plan for the project
  • Discussing concept of production in detail
  • Organizing a project team
  • Preparing DFM’s,
  • FMEA and Feasibility Study
  • Preparing APQP plan
  • Selecting necessary tests
  • Identifying the details for quotation
Discussing the product

Product implementation

  • Preparing prototypes
  • Performing tests on the prototypes from prototype injection moulds
  • Manufacturing functional prototypes
  • Making necessary tests
  • Analysing trials results and making corrections
  • Performing tools trials
  • Manufacturing prototype injection moulds from target materials
  • Determining the capability of the cp/cpk process
  • Manufacturing tools
Product implementation

Verification of the initial production

  • Performing a production series for all options and colours
  • Determining the production patterns
  • Determining the capability of the cp/cpk process
  • Performing the DoE
  • Analysis of the production tools after a production series
  • Determining of the tool maintenance schedules
  • Determining the dimension limits for the mould cavity tool wear
Start production

Mass production

  • Evaluation of the project
  • Optimization of the process
  • Control of the process …SPC
  • Analysis of the process control …SPC
  • Analysis of the process
  • Drawing conclusions – Lessons Learned
  • Transfer of the conclusions
Mass production
Actions we can do during implementation of the parts in order to minimize the project risks.

1. We acquaint ourselves with a specified purpose and critical points of the parts.

2. We fully familiarize ourselves with the tests, which the parts have to undergo in order to be approved.

3. In e-experteam, we internally use the FMEA methodology and Feasibility Study.

4. We introduce the customer to Design For Manufacturing along with the advanced rheological analyses.

5. We inform about the necessity of manufacturing prototype moulds or making changes, if after the rheological analyses there is a risk of the project’s failure, argumenting it adequately.

6. We use specialized tools cavites suitable to make dimensional adjustments after T0 if needed.

7. We suggest implementing additional processes rectifying the defects of the parts specific construction. This doesn’t affect the product’s appearance.

8. We suggest the solutions for modifying parts in order to improve theirs quality, taking into consideration functionality.


UZYSKALIŚMY CERTYFIKAT CIOP - PIB (Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy - Państwowy Instytut Badawczy)

  • 2021-01-18
  • Tomasz Sebastian Rusiecki

Jesteśmy producentami przyłbic ochronnych. Posiadamy na nie niezbędne certyfikaty zgodne z dyrektywami UE nr UE_488_2020_1437

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Training providers

  • 2018-10-08
  • Experteam Kasia

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We are a group of people enjoying their work. We are a group of people with huge experience in the plastic industry. We are a group of people functioning in the international environment. We are a group of people initiating not only small projects for small companies, but also large projects for international corporations.

We design and modify the plastic parts in order to increase their functionality or quality. We customize the construction of the parts in order to manufacture in the injection technology or optimize the costs of production. We produce injection moulds in our toolmakers or supervise the work at Customers suppliers. We conduct thermal analyses in order to find the reasons for incorrect temperature distribution. We measure the hardness of the tools. We run full reports about the technical state of tools along with determining the costs of adaptation to the machines and devices e.g. during changing of the production company.

We do our job earnestly, fast and with a profit – professionally, being supported by high-class equipment from reputable companies, as well as specialized software. Our customers may follow their projects online on our website by logging in with a previously received password. We care about the rules of confidentiality. We use only legal software. We care about natural environment.


Taking into consideration the knowledge of our experts, we can offer our customers the access to our experience and specialized knowledge.


Our team identifies all potential difficulties, which might arise for a given part. Afterwards, we discuss the possible solutions.


Our services of Managing the Project combine technical knowledge, experience, and computer systems in order to provide professional and complex customer service