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E-experteam ISO

Implementation of plastic and metal products for production


We aim to effectively compete with the best in the plastics processing market and obtain high quality services and products.

Satisfied customers, ambitious and motivated employees, efficiency and continuous development are the priorities of our company. Working in safe conditions and protecting confidential data is an equally important goal in our organization. In our activity, we undertake to comply with the law and other regulations, including information security and health and safety.

We strive to continuously improve the management system and maintain the highest possible quality level to meet the ever-growing demands of the international market.


In the interest of customer satisfaction and high quality of services we provide, we strive to work in a competent team that raises our knowledge, which guarantees the performance of tasks in a professional manner. It is important for us that the customer receives the product or service in accordance with the established assumptions. We regularly check the level of implementation of our services, which allows us to draw conclusions and improve the management system. We make sure that our subcontractors and suppliers comply with the clients' requirements.
Top management with great care approaches the resources necessary to implement the assumptions resulting from the management system.


Employees are the most valuable capital for us, which is why we operate an internal work safety system.
Our management, aware of its responsibility for the health and safety of employees, makes every effort to provide them with a safe workplace and to protect against possible accidents and other occupational hazards.
The integrated management system allows you to regularly check and control the state of the company, which helps us to maintain a high level of occupational safety and health.
We strive for strict compliance with the principle of "safety first and foremost", which is why we conduct regular training for our employees and involve them in activities aimed at continuous improvement of health and safety.


The priority for us is the security of entrusted data, both regarding personal data and technological data.
We protect entrusted information as part of secure IT systems for storing and transferring data in digital records.
Each employee is obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality regarding the information provided.
Exemption from the obligation of confidentiality depends only on the contract with the client and applicable law.

Signed on 25/05/2018 by Management and Employees of the company