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Implementation of plastic and metal products for production


We provide comprehensive measurement services, we have:

Multisensoric coordinate-measuring machine 3D CNC DeMeet equipped with two measurement systems: NIKON optical and Renishaw contact.
Measuring range: X:400 mm; Y:250 mm; Z:200 mm
Accuracy: 0,00136 mm

The temperature distribution determined using a FLIR thermal imaging camera.
Resolution: 160 x 120 Decoder resolution; 9200 pix.
Accuracy: 0,06OC/60mK thermal sensitivity; isotherm;
Temperature range: -20oC do 250oC

The steel hardness measurement is determined with the use of the Leeb hardness tester (in accordance with ASTM A956, DIN 50156 and GB / T 17394), and the results in the form of printouts are obtained immediately after the measurement.
Range for steel, probe type D: 83-976 HV, 140-651 HB, 19,8-68,5 HRC, Accuracy 1% with 800 HLD or (± 6 HLD).

Gloss meter GL series; performing measurements in accordance with the requirements of ISO 2813, ISO 7668, ASTMD523, ASTM S2457 angle of measurement: 20°, 60°, 85°
the ability to obtain readings in percentage of reflection - REF

The latest implementations

Here are a few selected implementations, at which the work was purely a pleasure.