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Implementation of plastic and metal products for production

We welcome to PLASTINVENT

On 17-18.XI.2016 in the Hotel ARŁAMÓW will be taking place a jubilee edition of PLASTINVENT 2016 conference, which is one of most important conferences dedicated to the industry of plastics in Poland. This is the tenth edition of PLASTINVENT conference, which is organized  by  companies  closely connected with the industry of plastics: PLASTIGO, SYNVENTIVE Molding Solutions and www.tworzywa.pl online site.

The event is great way to familiarize oneself with latest achievements in plastic?s processing, materials engineering, results of studies and implemented solutions from broadly defined field of plastics.

We welcome to attend lectures of Mr Tomasz Rusiecki about:
1. Producibility of the prototype in project implementation - PLASTINVENT 2016.   
The world is going forward. Technology of prototype making unlocks multiple opportunities for constructors working on new projects. The shape and materials used for prototypes are more and more often breaking stereotypes. How to maintain compromise between the designed model and its implementation to serial production?    
2. Practical aspects of implementation and development of plastic products - PLASTINVENT 2016.
  Management of the project is one of the key aspects of companies, which aim at development. Systematisation of this into the process allows control of individual stages aiming at meeting the deadlines and not exceeding the budget. What should be the first stage of implementation of the product to serial production?

More information avalilabe at: http://plastinvent.pl/

  • Experteam Kasia
  • 2016-08-23

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