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Implementation of plastic and metal products for production



We make production series on forms entrusted or made on behalf of the client for various construction details and materials. We process plastics: ABS POM PMMA PEEK PBT PP PC PA PSU We process plastics with fillers – GF

Injection machines:

BABYPLAST 610P (injection molding machine for micro injection) - clamping force: 6,2T; - max. part volume: 15 cm3

Arburg ALLROUNDER 370 S 600 – 170 (horizontal - vertical, injection with compression - optical parts) - clamping force: 60T; - max. part volume: 85 cm3

ENGEL 120T (machine with conveyor belt and robot with the possibility of processing PEEK type materials) - clamping force: 120T; - max. part volume: 155 cm3


We make blisters for the separation of details for internal and external transport for small items.

The scope of the device's operation:

Forming surface (mm / in) 430 x 280 mm / 17 x 11 "

Sheet size (mm / in) 450 x 300 mm / 18 x 12 "

Max. forming depth 160 mm / 7 "

Max. material thickness 6mm / 0,25 "


We have technology for making products using the MIM and CIM method - this is the most modern polymer injection technology with metal or ceramic powder filling above 90%. It allows to make a metal or ceramic product with very complex shapes and high surface quality. The technology is imported from the US and we are in the process of starting it.

Max. weight of ingredients: 200 g

Min. wall thickness on selected parts: 0,2 mm

A wide range of materials: construction and stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, ceramics.